Discover the endless possibilities in your own Burgundy mansion. 

For sale a maison forte, a fortified mansion with a magnificent garden, ancient trees, a guest residence, a dream-inducing view, a late medieval well, and exquisite hearths.

front view

front view


260 sqm living area

1787 sqm plot


View from the tarrace overlooking the valley

landscape view


Estate for sale

price €425.000 

Lunch or dinner under the magnificent tree



garden guesthouse

50 sqm, 2 bedrooms

“In the embrace of a holiday home, where the whispers of tranquility echo and memories are woven, one discovers the true art of living.”


Casa en venta -منزل للبيع - Huis te koop - Maison a vendre - House for sale - 待售房屋 -

Rust in Frankrijk

Huis met uitzicht 

Landelijk Frankrijk

Regio Clamecy Corbigny

Huis te koop Nievre

Bourgondië onroerend goed


House with a view

Rural France

Seeker of tranquility

Clamecy Corbigny region

House for sale Nievre

Burgundy real estate

Maison avec vue

France rurale

Chercheur de tranquillité

Region de Clamecy Corbigny

Maison a vendre Nievre

Bourgogne immobilier